higher and higher

current favourite tunes..
all the pleasures of the world - crayon fields
mexican mavis - boy & bear
little secrets (remix) - passion pit
down river - temper trap
shruggin - urthboy ft. jane tyrrel
cornerstone - arctic monkeys
memories - david guetta
fell in love (acoustic) - motion city soundtrack
island, IS - volcano choir
blood bank - bon iver
shooting stars - bag raiders
come around - tim and jean
boys of summer - custom kings

lately i have realised that i keep looking for the things i can't have, it seems im on a mind- collecting rampage (?) i find the images of things that i want and i just know i cant have it.
and! dont you hate, when you just want that one little thing to hurry up and come around.. although, it's not that little, its quite awfully large.
2010.. it seems so close, but it's still far away.
theres so much going on in 2010 and its so exciting!
soundwave, 7teen, canberra, license, groovin, gallipoli, schoolies, prom, graduation, into the big bad world
its a majorly life changing yr, i wish it'd hurry up.

im starting to think of my christmas wish list.
as far as away as christmas is..
i can still think? yes?
- daisy perfume
- a nice stationary kit
- black nail polish
- iPod
- at least 2 pairs of nice heels
- a fish tank filled with gold fish
- my room to be completed the way i imagine it

also, as much as i know i'll regret saying this..
i particularly want a iPhone, instead of an iPod.
im in desperate need of a new phone/iPod, so put it together?
and ill be happy. they're so cute, aaaaw.
oooh and i just love the colours of these pictures all together.


give me that electric twist

couture makes me laugh but in all seriousness..
it's increadable that someones mind can think to make clothes like that.
and it still usually looks fantastic.. and some of the pieces you'd actually enjoy wearing.

the one designer who just is magical in couture is christian dior, no doubt about it.
a upbeat 1950's couture look, what more could you ask for.
even the shoes in the collection are treess chic.

lets do the catwalk

if theres one person in the world that i wish i looked like its lily donaldson.. but then again, who wouldn't wanna look like her!?

un sourire vaut mille histoires

i havent quite made up my mind about these images yet.
whether i like them, or they make me scared.
but i just want to see more of them.
its something about them.

holiday was good, rexlaaxing.
woke up to the most beautiful view at whitehaven.
not to mention the beautiful person i woke up next to sunday morning in tville.

back at school with 5 long weeks left and then year 12.
2009 has been going exceptionally fast.
and thank god.
bring on 2010!