hunt you out

triple j hottesst 100 ~

1. duck sauce - anyway
2. the middle east - blood
3. peter bjorn and john - lay it down
4. mumford and sons - little lion man
5. tim and jean - come around
6. calvin harris - im not alone ( i got stuck after this )
7. tiga - beep beep
8. bag raiders - shooting stars
9. lisa mitchell - coin laundry
10. seth sentry - the waitress song
"while clothes may not make the woman they certainly have a strong effect
on her self-confidence - which, i believe, does make the woman"
- mary kay ashe
^ as much as i dislike lady gaga, this picture i really like..
along with the way her hairs in a little bow, minus the boobs (?)

i just want you to try
learn from your mistakes
pick up the pieces and fix it
is there really such a thing as second chances ?
do they really work ?
does it change anything ?
should there even be second chances ?
think about it.

i realised at once you were perfect

its summer! -- here comes mass amounts of mango, watermelon, berries, lychee's, nautical stripes, pastel colours, dresses, adventures,ice cream, endless trends, festivals galore, raging heat, sandals, jumpsuits, slothing around in bathers, roadtrips, ice cold drinks, paddling pools!

summer mixtape --

  1. blood - the middle east
  2. roslyn - bon iver
  3. anyway - duck sauce
  4. the rain - calvin harris
  5. your love means everything - coldplay
  6. i can feel a hot one - manchester orchestra
  7. shooting stars - bag raiders
  8. holiday - dizzee rascal ft calvin harris
  9. hotel room service - pitbull
  10. awesome - the bloody beetroots
  11. rose pickles - custom kings
  12. we are the people (burns remix) - empire of the sun
  13. sweaty - muscles
  14. gifted (aston shuffle) - N.A.S.A
  15. these days - pez ft hailey cramer
  16. little secrets - passion pit
  17. almost lover - a fine frenzy
no doubt ill make another one next week, but their my selection at the moment.

time after time

The purity that Bon Iver brings to his music, along with the calmness is sensational.. His voice would easily give someone goosebumps, at the least.
He could make a awful lyriced song sound decent, the same goes for Matt Weddle, he made 'Heya' sound increadly captivating and everytime you want to listen to it again after listening to it once. The thing that these two have in common is making music beautiful without, what it sounds, not trying at all.
Music has easily transformed since the 1900's and changes with the year, it simply modernizes with the technology that we are given. For example The Bloody Beetroots, Calvin Harris etc have proved this. They all use technology to create their music, which the new generation clasify as real music.

a selection of images for a friday evening

^ purely for a laugh hahaha

^ want her lipstick

^ i just made cookies!