it takes time for something to grow.
it takes time for something to mend.
it takes time for something to happen.
it doesnt just take a second, it could take a whole lifetime.

laissez tout votre amour et votre amour derrière vous

Je déteste avoir des doutes en moi ou quelque chose lié avec moi, sans parler de la pensée autant que ça fait mal votre tête et vous ne savez pas ce que vous voulez réellement et véritablement.
Je souhaite qu'il y avait quelque chose qui vient de vous a aidé à prendre la bonne décision. Il devrait y avoir quelque chose qui vous savez tout de suite, rien de tout cela bs confusion. Il suffit de garder facilement.

just to be different, i guess.
re·as·sure [ree-uh-shoor, -shur]
–verb (used with object),-sured, -sur·ing. restore to assurance or confidence

why.. exactly.. is.. it.. so.. hard.. to.. do.. exactly.. that ?
because for some it seems that its the end of the world if they reassure someone about something.

somethings never do change

if its not real you cant hold it in your hand

17 is such a ugly, horrible age.

i dont like it much, i dont think i like it at all. its just a big drag until your 18.

sei bello

i baked, i laughed, i cried, i studied, i found cute online clothing stores, i realized so much - all in so little time.

-- go look at ; cute designers, theres both vintage / new stuff on there, id love to spurge for my wardrobe to have majority of those clothes.

-- also ! ; handbags and purses, not to mention the cute staationary at along with pendants and cushions. so in love. also with ikea !

to move foward, put one foot in front of the other one, and walk foward towards something thats usually giving your tummy flips, good or bad, but to do it is one thing.. to get there is another, to get there with that one person you want to get there with, that.. is the problem, per say.
and theres honestly nothing that people want more is to walk with the person -- sometimes it just doesnt work that way ? does it ?

like a wiff of a unfamilar scent

en branco
mind blanks are the worst things in the world, writers block, that sudden moment when you don't know what to say / do.. when you donno why you cant say anything, or think of anything to say ? why does it happen, its not intentional.. or on purpose. its simply, impossible to stop.

theres things that captivate me..
dont quite know how to describe the things that do.
its just things, that catch my eye, ever so slightly..
mainly food, words in weird places, and abnormal things ?

bread crusts make your hair go curly

i've simply got no time for anything anymore, unfortuantly..
and my brain is, shriveling..
and my body is expanding, i just need exercise.
both brain and physical.
people are changing, drastically, 2010 is bringing out the worst of some
and the best in others.
to achieve, you need to strive.

all i really want is a polariod camera.

i took a wrong turn

HAVING to HAVE/DO something is sort of like a trigger of mind..
for example, HAVING to HAVE tomato sauce on spaghetti or noodles?
or, HAVING to DO everything a certian way or it isnt right -- wake up, pick out clothes, shower, dry hair, make up etc -- if its not done that way it seems the whole day just collapses, then goes back to thinking that because you did that little thing in the wrong place of something else that was the problem for the awful day.
someone i know HAS to listen to this certian song once a day, soon as they wake up and if the song isn't played the whole day falls apart.
is it just your brain telling you because you've broken routine that the day is going to be miserable?

fixation, pixation, taxation, relaxation

'Almost always, when meeting someone for the first time, I'm asked how did I actually start out making chocolate. I usually tell them when I was 10 I read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and swore that one day I would find a river of chocolate and sail in it..

I also tell them about Anna who was my first love and who could not fall asleep without eating a piece of milk chocolate before going to bed, because she would have bad dreams other wise..
But the truth is that I wanted to be a writer. One who gets up at noon, sits in cafes, writes until the morning and devotes a book to an impossible, eternal love.
At the age of twenty, I thought that in order to get inspiration for my first novel I needed to be alone. I needed to walk in narrow streets, sit in a dark room with a candle, feel the longing and write... Later I searched for romance to get inspiration. I wanted to live in a small house, ride my bicycle to work, make colourful sweets in big jars and write. I opened a chocolate workshop. People fell in love with my reality movie and I was living the magic of romance, yet I was making so many sweets that I had no time left to write..
Then I wanted to experience decadence to get real, raging inspiration, like the stories in biographies of great writers. I wanted to wear Versace suits with tight pants, drink lots of wine, let the light shine in my eyes, fall in love with the prettiest woman and write. I designed and created a chocolate lifestyle. I dived into decadence, but most of the time I was drunk and did not write.
More than 10 years have passed since I started looking for inspiration for my writing. I have yet to write.

Recently I brought a special, feather pen and a thick leather notebook. Soon I will start writing my novel. I've been making chocolate for more than ten years. Almost without noticing it, I find myself telling a story. Maybe through telling the story of chocolate I can also tell something about myself, something about longing, romance and decadence.
I invite you to watch, smell, taste and feel my love story.'
- Max Brenner

if you want to die and go to heaven in one simple sip whenever you're in melbourne / gold coast / sydney hunt out the nearest max brenner's chocolate cafe, theres honestly something in those hot chocolates / coffees that really is a love story.

i wish there were more people in the world like that, honestly.

temperly pre-fall 2010

temperly pre-fall 2010

reem acra pre-fall 2010

diane von furstenberg pre-fall 2010

tibi pre-fall 2010

gabriele colangelo pre-fall 2010

naeem khan pre-fall 2010

twenty ten

2010, welcome to the future.

i realised on new years eve at 11.58pm i had no resolutions, unlike the past years where i had one pick from pages and pages of suggestions. there was nothing coming to me.. but i decided that i never stick to my decisions and always seem to be wrong, therefore, the resolution for 2010 is to stay determined and focused no matter the situation.
im ready for 2010, im ready for all the things that it will bring and all the things that it will take away, im ready for finnishing things ive started and becoming a better person, per say.
2009 brought a whole new perpestive into my life.
it brought love, and new friendships, i opened my mind to things instead of keeping it closed to the things i was told. now to push away the bad of 2009 and open to the good of 2010.