dear holidays, i simply cant wait for you.
not one bit.
not at all.
the minute i get in that car and out of mackay, i will have the biggest smile on my face.
yes, i will, seriously.
im so excited. hurry up.

got my heart tied in a knot

im the worst person to shop with..
i go to buy one thing, come out with 10 things..
and realise, i didnt get the item i was there to get !

new favourite model : alexa chung
the way she dresses and talks etc, its so fun and cute.
and she just makes you wanna 'aw'

oh i reaaally cant explain how much i had uneven pictures, it took me forever to fix up these up.
townsville / airlie beach in a day..
possibly last post ? no idea !

tomorrow.. i donate blood.
i think, ill just wanna pop my iPod in and listen to bon iver - blood bank ? yep.

im just a tad scared.. slash, alot.
euuuuugh !

the smell of wine and cheap perfume

i'm always wrong, i bite my nails, i think too much, i curse too much, i miss my past and i know deep down i should keep moving on, i always daydream or am in lala land, i always pick at my split ends, i am so illiterate, i have too many favourite things, i repeat myself, i change my mind too often, i never listen to what people say nor do i care (even though i really should start), i don't think before i say..
i have too many 'imperfections' - clearly!

i have the worst writers block lately.
i can't write anything.
it's all just coming out of pictures, sorta thing ? i dont know.
and i wish i was able to draw.
and i wish i knew what to write.

h-o-l-i-d-a-y, holiday, holiday! i am on holidays.
and jeeeze, i am a bussy bee.
townsville for friday - sunday
and from sunday - wednesday, i'll be sailing in the whitsundays.
be jealous, yes.
i'll be sure to post pictures or something.
and im sure from my complete lack of boredom, ill post another blog before i go away.

going a bit off topic, as usual.. check out Cory Monteith from Glee - he'll make your heart skip a beat, maybe even two if you watch the show haha.


favourite images / items this week hhaha.
i'll buy this purfume with my first pay, i promised myself
my feelings towards some people ^
and then to others
i actually just popped this in for a laugh, its cute.

is it just me, or does this captivate you ?

darling what happened, did i fall asleep?

i think to be born in the time where cd's were being put onto the shelves and replacing cassette times is kinda wicked.. times are changing fairly drasstically if you ask me ?
from ninja turtles, salior moon etc in the 1980s/1990s. to the 2000s in the age of gossip girl, the hills and hectic crime shows. its not just television thats evolving..
we've starting growing up using the internet as part of everyday life, we can conveniently carry 30,000 songs in our pocket with ease. mobile phones have changed to be more compact with internet accessibility wherever you go. do you remember the ringing noise the dial up internet used to make whenever you went to pick up the phone and someone was on the internet ? haha.

fashions changing, but not as much as technology.
it seems that what was cool in the 80's is coming back to the 2000's.
skinny spandex tights/ leggings, oversized tees, torn up jeans, skinny jeans ( mum calls them pipe jeans i think ? haha), ray ban's... i think you get the point ?
i like where its all going.

for christmas i want an imagination

hypo·crite (hipə krit′)


a person who pretends to be what he or she is not; one who pretends to be better than is really so, or to be pious, virtuous, etc. without really being so.

ah, how exactly can someone be a hypocrite when they actually know they're true to themselves? and how can someone 'copy' someone, when they write what they write how they feel it's a way to express yourself ! little things are bugging me lately.. no matter how small they are, they make me crack.
i tried to get my mind off exams / stress by looking at pictures of things i know make me happy & i was thinking, how come no one every has sweet little tea parties anymore ? instead you go out and get v happy with a bit of alcohool, and have that occasional 'i dont remember what happened last night' moment. if i could go back in time i'd seriously go back to the times where people had tea parties just for the hell of eating cake and drinking tea! you'd have to have the right type of scenery.. a forest perhaps ? wear white / floral dresses and big hats. it could go along the lines of this..


it would be rather sweet, wouldn't it? i wish people read these.