sei bello

i baked, i laughed, i cried, i studied, i found cute online clothing stores, i realized so much - all in so little time.

-- go look at ; cute designers, theres both vintage / new stuff on there, id love to spurge for my wardrobe to have majority of those clothes.

-- also ! ; handbags and purses, not to mention the cute staationary at along with pendants and cushions. so in love. also with ikea !

to move foward, put one foot in front of the other one, and walk foward towards something thats usually giving your tummy flips, good or bad, but to do it is one thing.. to get there is another, to get there with that one person you want to get there with, that.. is the problem, per say.
and theres honestly nothing that people want more is to walk with the person -- sometimes it just doesnt work that way ? does it ?

like a wiff of a unfamilar scent

en branco
mind blanks are the worst things in the world, writers block, that sudden moment when you don't know what to say / do.. when you donno why you cant say anything, or think of anything to say ? why does it happen, its not intentional.. or on purpose. its simply, impossible to stop.

theres things that captivate me..
dont quite know how to describe the things that do.
its just things, that catch my eye, ever so slightly..
mainly food, words in weird places, and abnormal things ?

bread crusts make your hair go curly

i've simply got no time for anything anymore, unfortuantly..
and my brain is, shriveling..
and my body is expanding, i just need exercise.
both brain and physical.
people are changing, drastically, 2010 is bringing out the worst of some
and the best in others.
to achieve, you need to strive.