mum, i bit the tictac

i seem to start writing blogs and completely give in because they make no sense. i tend to have no imagination, or i loose trrack of where my thoughts were going.

i'm such a mess lately, everythings just tingled tangled, bits and pieces everywhere, not particually knowing where its all leading me.. all these disagreements with myself. its sort of likes, this ppciture, its got no meaning and just looks horrid haha

i need a new wardrobe
and a fresh start of some sort.
fill it with summerie dresses and lovely jackets and shirts.
and a whole selection of shoes, yes please
everythings jumbled.
as i mentioned before.. and this blog is not getting anywhere haha i completely lost the train of thought again..

i've been taking everything in lately.
such things as sterotypes, seriously, the world is sterotyped ! or judged. and people say they dont judge, everyone knows they do, its hypocritcial, everyones so hypocritical. its insane.

i was thinking.. i might just put ppictures everywhere on this.
pictures ive gathered and thought about..
such pictures as this origami/red bull artworkie thingymabobbyy.
woa, the person who did this, has time on their hands, or actually is one of a few people in the world with imagination. isnt it funny, you'd never think to do that? only a true person would.
im babbling.
as per usual.
a personal interest of mine.



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