live fast, dress pretty

i like how peoples minds work even thoough i have no idea how they actually work, the misconceptions of everything makes me so more confused than i already am.
the whole, hate / love situations make my whole brain fizz like mentos in coke..
i love holidays, yet hate when that special persons not actually with you, instead their off drinking at 11 o'clock in the morning, until the mad hours of the morning the next day..
my brain is completely overworked..
i wish time would skip, easily, however much you want it to skip, it'll do it..
and chop out all the stupid problems!

2010 will be the year of changes, so many things will change within the year.
its so fresh and gives me smiles every time i think about it..
i can't wait..
- soundwave, i will dance until my legs give way.
- mocktail, i will dance until my legs give way again.
- groovin the moo, i will dance until my legs give way, yet again.
- prom, i will dance until my legs give way, for the 4th time.
- schoolies, i will dance until i actually have no legs.
not to mention the little things that are actually major..
17, gallipoli, license, seeing my beautiful friends leave to live their lifes in other towns, graduation! its so distant but it's closer than ever, i simply cant wait!

( how lovely is his jacket/necklace/him, delisssh )

im also, so, increadably, headover heels, with chanel haha. it reminds me so much of france/ paris, makes me wish i was made of pure money, thats it.

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