time after time

The purity that Bon Iver brings to his music, along with the calmness is sensational.. His voice would easily give someone goosebumps, at the least.
He could make a awful lyriced song sound decent, the same goes for Matt Weddle, he made 'Heya' sound increadly captivating and everytime you want to listen to it again after listening to it once. The thing that these two have in common is making music beautiful without, what it sounds, not trying at all.
Music has easily transformed since the 1900's and changes with the year, it simply modernizes with the technology that we are given. For example The Bloody Beetroots, Calvin Harris etc have proved this. They all use technology to create their music, which the new generation clasify as real music.


  1. if you like bon iver, i think youll love sufjan stevens
    try it becccccck
    i like this post

  2. especially
    casimir pulaski day
    for the widows in paradise
    chicago (which i think is from the soundtrack a movie but i cant remember it)
    the dress looks nice on you
    and to be alone with you

    love love love