twenty ten

2010, welcome to the future.

i realised on new years eve at 11.58pm i had no resolutions, unlike the past years where i had one pick from pages and pages of suggestions. there was nothing coming to me.. but i decided that i never stick to my decisions and always seem to be wrong, therefore, the resolution for 2010 is to stay determined and focused no matter the situation.
im ready for 2010, im ready for all the things that it will bring and all the things that it will take away, im ready for finnishing things ive started and becoming a better person, per say.
2009 brought a whole new perpestive into my life.
it brought love, and new friendships, i opened my mind to things instead of keeping it closed to the things i was told. now to push away the bad of 2009 and open to the good of 2010.

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