first blog !

Oh, wow I'm quite proud of the fact I built up the courage to create a blog ! Feeling quite nervous actually. I never imagined the idea of me 'blogging' but I realised that it was a good way to get slight points across, and share my crazy stages of life.

I came across some pictures of Mum's family over in England (mainly my Grandmother + Mum's little brother, older + younger sister) , and it's got me thinking, what would life be like if it was simple like the 1970's? Just pottering around the country side on a beautiful cool summer's day, with family pictures on the sides of roads, not particularly having a single care in the world. I'm hoping someone will give me a tip on blogging by the way, I don't think I'm going to get the hang of it. I don't know where I'll place these pictures.
Maybe just here?


This was in May, 1971. The exact picture I was talking about just before, how lovely and relaxed it looks, there's no cars in sight either. I also love that there is Mum's older sister with the lavender flowers, aw. And her brother, at the front with that lovely knitted jumper ! Which I think Grandmother knitted herself and mucked up a little bit, but the result looks super.

Yes, the person circled in with the BRIGHT red, is my Grandad ! Also the picture above. The whole point of him being circled is maybe to show you who he is, but the airforced hired him at the age of 16, thinking that he might grow, yet he didn't, he stayed short + still is, although his imensely chubby.

My most favourite picture is this film strip from a German photobooth, it is Mum's younger brother and sister. It makes me want to go back and live the lovely 70's life ! I love the dorky-ness of it, and how simple it is.

I've also realised, its easy to babble on with stuff I don't realise I'm babbling on about. Give me feetback on this blog ! Be easy on me ! It is my first, remember.

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  1. hellooo! i love that film strip. yup. welcome. i just switched my blog to "anybody" lol. i'm quite nervous too. :( xx