the smell of wine and cheap perfume

i'm always wrong, i bite my nails, i think too much, i curse too much, i miss my past and i know deep down i should keep moving on, i always daydream or am in lala land, i always pick at my split ends, i am so illiterate, i have too many favourite things, i repeat myself, i change my mind too often, i never listen to what people say nor do i care (even though i really should start), i don't think before i say..
i have too many 'imperfections' - clearly!

i have the worst writers block lately.
i can't write anything.
it's all just coming out of pictures, sorta thing ? i dont know.
and i wish i was able to draw.
and i wish i knew what to write.

h-o-l-i-d-a-y, holiday, holiday! i am on holidays.
and jeeeze, i am a bussy bee.
townsville for friday - sunday
and from sunday - wednesday, i'll be sailing in the whitsundays.
be jealous, yes.
i'll be sure to post pictures or something.
and im sure from my complete lack of boredom, ill post another blog before i go away.

going a bit off topic, as usual.. check out Cory Monteith from Glee - he'll make your heart skip a beat, maybe even two if you watch the show haha.

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