darling what happened, did i fall asleep?

i think to be born in the time where cd's were being put onto the shelves and replacing cassette times is kinda wicked.. times are changing fairly drasstically if you ask me ?
from ninja turtles, salior moon etc in the 1980s/1990s. to the 2000s in the age of gossip girl, the hills and hectic crime shows. its not just television thats evolving..
we've starting growing up using the internet as part of everyday life, we can conveniently carry 30,000 songs in our pocket with ease. mobile phones have changed to be more compact with internet accessibility wherever you go. do you remember the ringing noise the dial up internet used to make whenever you went to pick up the phone and someone was on the internet ? haha.

fashions changing, but not as much as technology.
it seems that what was cool in the 80's is coming back to the 2000's.
skinny spandex tights/ leggings, oversized tees, torn up jeans, skinny jeans ( mum calls them pipe jeans i think ? haha), ray ban's... i think you get the point ?
i like where its all going.

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  1. 'stovepipe' jeans ?
    i get n agree with what chu mean but i like some of the older stuff..
    like i really like the rawness of casettes and the kind of quality that they produce. ..like back when you recorded stuff off radio onto mixtapes and you miss the end/start of the song, its all kind of fun to listen back to. adds atmosphere :)
    ive been getting back into heaps of my old cassettes lately, 90s reminiscing FTdubz !