oh darling!

ive found my complete appriciation for food after not being able to eat ( and still not be able to eat) also, found a complete hatred for..
a - bad heath
b - tonsilitis
c - the fact your 'tonsils' are basically connnected to your ears meaning that when you've got tonsilitis your ears ache like crazy.
d - sleep deprivation
e - the feeling like you've got a puffer fish down your throat, one minute its inflated the next its not! make up your mind.

i want scones
if i was able to eat
i would eat / bake scones
love heart shaped ones
like these..

makes me so much more hungrier than i already am.
i hate the fact that when you want something sooo much, that you actually cant have it.
also! does anyone know what symptoms you've got to have to get your tonsils out? can you request that you get them out, or whats the go? ive got no clue.

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