those papers for divorce and a lonely ring

my blogs seem to be slacking lately, i never actually know what to say or the correct blogging words.. my words tend to be interpreted via pictures and not to mention that if i do write a blog i end up wanting to just erase them as soon as i posted them.

i want a tree house, like an actual tree house, a house thats in a tree! with the big tree and everything. and i keep thinking that it'd happen but money doesn't grow off treees in my case. also the fact im not even moved out of home yet (good work becky!) but, how could you not want one? to wake up in a forest and realise you're sleeping in a trree! aah, the little greenie in me's coming out - thanks mum. look how gorg they are but..

not to mention im hearting myself out on haha, phew. it's insane how many cool items are out there in the world, even if its pictures/movies/food/houses/flowers, i heart it. im showin' some laaaaaarve! aw. personal favourites are gonna have to be pictures of clothing on racks, makes me want to go and try it on.. or do the same thing for my wardrobe! blah.

ooh! and..
im so so so so so excited for the movie of where wild things are. ive never been so excited in my life actually.. thats a tad of an exaduration, but i think you'd understand once you watched the trailer for it, ooooooooh yay!

also a little something which ive realised over the past few months is without a doubt true.

i almost forgot! the main reason i wanted to post this blog, silly me. the most insane thing this morning, i went to get ssome breakfast at about 7.30 am (no idea why i was actually awake so early! but thats beside the point) and i looked outside, and it was so foggy that i couldnt see outside, litrally. and now i wish i took some pictures.. but i found some which sort of remind me of it. it was so bizarre! it wasn't even just a little big of fog, ive never seen so much in my life.

also, the count-down for gallipooli's on! a year and 30 days to go! so excited.

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